Welcome to this website. I tried a summary of information on individual chess commencement by ECO. Individual tabs are divided by ECO. For an illustration of each chess opening are added links to videos, theory, game, or an interesting site. If the link does not correspond to any particular chess launch by ECO, so let me kind visitor of this blog pardons. I am simply a fan of the game called chess, who wanted to create a comprehensive overview launch in one place.
Web pages are under construction. Should there be any chess opening by ECO. In addition to examples of various chess openings in the form of videos, I have also wanted to place links related to various chess openings. I'll be happy if it helps someone besides me.


neděle 7. února 2016

Play chess endgames positions with the computer-also blindfold mode

Play chess endgames positions with the computer, you can also play blind (blindfold mode)

1.        ElementaryMates - The Queen
2.        ElementaryMates - The Rook

Created from the source: http://elearning.usm.md/endgame/# . There is a database of 25,699 located in a chess endings. Each chess endings are available FEN format. I created links for the opportunity to play with a computer, some specific positions of chess endings. 6 stones to be checked on the website: http://www.shredderchess.com/online-chess/online-databases/endgame-database.html .
Play chess endgames positions with the computer, you can also play blind (blindfold mode).
Under the link is hidden opportunity to play positions against the computer.

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