Welcome to this website. I tried a summary of information on individual chess commencement by ECO. Individual tabs are divided by ECO. For an illustration of each chess opening are added links to videos, theory, game, or an interesting site. If the link does not correspond to any particular chess launch by ECO, so let me kind visitor of this blog pardons. I am simply a fan of the game called chess, who wanted to create a comprehensive overview launch in one place.
Web pages are under construction. Should there be any chess opening by ECO. In addition to examples of various chess openings in the form of videos, I have also wanted to place links related to various chess openings. I'll be happy if it helps someone besides me.



sobota 16. dubna 2016

A00 - Analyse games of older master sorted by Eco

A00      Irregular Openings

Examples games. Stockfish analyze games of old chess masters. Samples of the old genius chess masters. At the time, computers were not, one had to rely on their own brain.

Lucena vs Quintana-1-0                     1515       Huesca           ESP
J J Rousseau vs D Hume                     1-0       15        1765     Casual
Napoleon Bonaparte vs Madame De Remusat              1-0       14        1804     Chateau de Malmaison
Amsterdam vs Rotterdam                     1-0       34        1824     City Match
Hyderabad vs Madras Chess Club                    0-1       44        1828     City Match
Kieseritzky vs H H Boncourt                 0-1       30        1839     Match?
Kieseritzky vs Saint Amant                   ½-½     50        1843     Paris
Enschede vs Zutphen               ½-½     58        1850     cr steden
E Williams vs Wyvill                 0-1      50        1851           London
E Williams vs Harrwitz              ½-½     25        1852
Anderssen vs Morphy               0-1       42        1858     Anderssen - Morphy
Zukertort vs Anderssen            0-1       52        1868     Berlin
Morphy vs T W Barnes             0-1       50        1858     London m1
Anderssen vs T W Barnes                     1-0       22        1862     London
Steinitz vs Blackburne              1-0       39        1873     Vienna
Anderssen vs Paulsen              1-0       37        1877     Leipzig
Anderssen vs J Mason             1-0       61        1878     Paris
Chigorin vs Schiffers                1-0       52        1878     Chigorin - Schiffers Second Match
K Behting vs Nimzowitsch                    0-1       50        1910     Riga, Latvia
Lasker vs L Lopez                    1-0       24        1921     Madrid sim
Reti vs Gruenfeld                     1-0       56        1925     Baden-Baden
Capablanca vs A G Pedroso                1-0       37        1927     Sao Paulo casual
Nimzowitsch vs Tarrasch                      1-0       66        1928     Bad Kissingen
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