Welcome to this website. I tried a summary of information on individual chess commencement by ECO. Individual tabs are divided by ECO. For an illustration of each chess opening are added links to videos, theory, game, or an interesting site. If the link does not correspond to any particular chess launch by ECO, so let me kind visitor of this blog pardons. I am simply a fan of the game called chess, who wanted to create a comprehensive overview launch in one place.
Web pages are under construction. Should there be any chess opening by ECO. In addition to examples of various chess openings in the form of videos, I have also wanted to place links related to various chess openings. I'll be happy if it helps someone besides me.


čtvrtek 4. května 2017

Chess puzzles for training on Lichess sorted by rating - 2701-2800

Chess puzzles for training on Lichess sorted by rating - 2701-2800

Link: Rating
https://cs.lichess.org/training/832 2756
https://lichess.org/training/1840 2748
https://lichess.org/training/2708 2705
https://lichess.org/training/2914 2714
https://lichess.org/training/2012 2755
https://lichess.org/training/2249 2779
https://lichess.org/training/3040 2702
https://lichess.org/training/3336 2725
https://lichess.org/training/3209 2736

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